Résumé for: Ronald M. O'Connor

Work Experience

O'Connor Technical Systems - New Orleans, Louisiana -1984 to Present

Owner & Consultant - Focused on helping clients study, analyze and define opportunities before investing in design and development. Created many cost saving tools including medical devices, machines for decorating Mardi Gras cups and precision cutting machines used at factories in the U.S. and abroad. Pioneered the use of an intranet for project documentation (1994).

Long term relationship with Laitram, Inc. and subsidiaries for machine design and development (1986 - 1997). Provided consulting to the Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Louisiana (a program sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology) for product development projects (1998-2000). Awarded eight patents.

Laitram Machinery - Harahan, Louisiana - 2004 to 2008
Seafood Processing Equipment Manufacturer

Senior Engineer - Leader for shrimp peeling equipment team. Developed new rubber compounds that improved yield and reduced susceptibility to low temperature processing in cold climates. Created improved methods to measure peeler efficiency and took pioneering hi-speed video to study automated shrimp peeling in detail. Analyzed processing internationally -- including visits to Greenland, Canada, and Vietnam. Assisted other teams with cooking and grading equipment performance.

W. H. Linder & Associates - Metairie, Louisiana - 2002 & 2003 (contract worker)
Engineering Consulting Firm

Subsea Engineer for Shell E&P SSPS Project - Provided multi-disciplinary expertise to design or specifiy components for Shell's SubSea Pumping System (SSPS) - an ultra-deep water, dual-gradient drilling project. Items included: subsea valves and actuators, Suction Tank including pumps and motors, Pump Package piping, Cuttings Sample System, and Cuttings Eductor Pump/Hydraulic Power Unit.

Petrotech - Belle Chasse, Louisiana - 1980 to 1983
Control and Safety Systems Manufacturer

Project Engineer - Had complete responsibility for projects including consulting, design, field service and writing users manuals. Produced more than 150 control panels for projects as diverse as oil & gas platform safety systems to electronic process controls for the space shuttle external tank coating facility.

Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical - Chalmette, Louisiana - 1977 to 1980
Aluminum Reduction Plant

Plant Engineer - Used a wide range of skills to solve problems and improve operations. Selected to work with senior Special Projects Engineer to implement unique and challenging projects. Designed, completed and trained operators for a new gas compressor station in record time and averted an emergency situation.

Capitol Projects Engineer - Main assignment was a new boiler to provide steam to the power plant by recovering heat from a calcining operation. Performed heat and material balances to establish design criteria, prepared estimates and investment proposals, directed consultants and evaluated bids.

Roco Equipment - Metairie, Louisiana - 1977
HVAC Equipment Manufacturers' Representative

Prepared bids and did applications engineering.


  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of New Orleans, 1977
  • Anti-Pollution Safety Devices, Nicholls State University
  • Practical Machine Shop Lab, Delgado College
  • Engineered Facilities and Construction Management, Kaiser Aluminum
  • Fundamentals of Process Instrumentation, Fischer and Porter

Computer - Extensive experience in applying computers to analyzing problems and designing solutions. Acquainted with program design techniques and coding. Competent in all major software applications including database, spreadsheet, project management, CAD/CAM, graphics and web design with HTML. Experienced in PLC programming and computer control of machines.

Business - Have a working knowledge of financial analysis. Abreast of contemporary management ideas as well as classical teachings. Familiar with Internet commerce and other aspects of doing business on the web. Skilled at using a systems approach to problem solving.

208 Jules Avenue -- Jefferson, Louisiana 70121 -- (504) 835-0517

e-mail: Ron@octs.com -- homepage: www.octs.com